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- Dog - Bassett Hound Charm is approximately 1/2" X 1/2"
- If a charm is very long then the longer part will be 1/2" inch
- 1/2" is around the size of a Dime
- Charm includes a split ring so you can easily attach a charm bracelet.

Available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, 10k Yellow Gold, 14k Yellow Gold
Basset Hound Charm
Sid Fey Designs has created sterling silver charms, earrings and pendants of your favorite pure bred dog. Each handcrafted charm is approximately .75", and is available in sterling silver and 14kt solid gold. Pendants with 18" chain and earrings of these designs are also available.

Italian Charms 25% Off

Italian Charms are a great new bracelet sensation over from Italy. They allow you to show the world your individuality and interests by snapping together charms of your choice to create your own Italian charm bracelet.  Unlike the old-style "dangling charm bracelets", Italian Charms are flat, rectangular interlocking links, each link with a different design on it. The result is a sleek, stylish bracelet that you yourself can easily change again and again by removing, adding and re-arranging.

Basset Hound Big Ears Charm Italian Charm

Basset Hound Dog Photo Charm Italian Charm

Basset Hound Dog Brown Charm Italian Charm

Basset Hound Dog Italian Charm
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Use this Soufeel European Beads to let everyone see what you are thinking even when you aren't saying a word. Whether you keep it for your own Peace Symbol European beads bracelet or give it to a friend who also collects Peace Symbol European beads, this Peace Symbol European Beads, like all Soufeel Peace Symbol European beads, is a fun addition to anyone's dynamic charm collection. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, each charm's face is soldered on to its base, rather than the lower quality glue used by some other Peace Symbol European beads manufacturers. Crafted and authenticated by Soufeel (TM) Inc

Basset Hound Dog White Crystal Photo Flower Charm

Basset Hound Dog Heart Photo Charm

Basset Hound Dog Brown Photo Live Love Laugh Charm

Basset Hound Big Ears Photo Love

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